Our app gives direct access to the largest inventory of real estate data across Canada.  No ads, no spam...only real estate data that empowers you.

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Listed is one of the top real estate search apps to buy, sell or rent, and to find properties instantly. It gives you access to the largest reliable resource of listings from across Canada, coming directly from the MLS®.

Listed is the only app that makes it easy to get access to reliable data, receive instant updates when a property sells or a price changes, and organize the listings into lists and saved searches that can be shared with the other people who are part of your real estate journey.

Listed is a trusted 3rd Approved Vendor Provider (AVP) with over 48+ MLS®es across Canada and works in support of Organized Real Estate.


ONE-STOP-SHOP for everything real estate

Don’t be left googling, disconnected and searching on sites trying to get sold prices and an idea of how much it might cost to sell, purchase or lease. Listed makes it easy to seamlessly navigate through all the listings and feel connected and active in the market.

Powerful property search tool
Real-time reliable data
updates on price & status changes
Easily collaborate with others
Plan, organize and stay on track

Browse Through
Real Estate Listings

Search Properties
By Drawing On The Map

Filter Listings To
Narrow Searh results

Easily Save & Organize
with likes & lists

Discover What's
Around in 3D

Go back in time with
Property History

Compare Listings
In list view


a real estate app made for you


In any type of real estate market being the first one to spot an opportunity and take action is powerful. Listed empowers agents and clients to work together, stay up to date with instant notifications on properties of interest that we follow together.

2. be empowered

Listed was made for consumers to be able to work with their own agent and protect their privacy. You control the contact preferences within the app. Your agent is the only person who ever sees your personal information and even this is managed by you.

3. all the listings

It’s important to have accurate up-to-date information and that’s why we’re using Listed together. You’ll get access to data instantly and be able to reach our team from any listing at a single tap.

4. collaborative success

Collaboration and staying connected is key to the success of your real estate journey. Sharing properties with family, friends and your agent streamlines the process and allows for a seamless real estate experience.


Get the only app that makes it easy to get access to reliable data, receive instant updates, organize listings and share with the people who are part of your real estate journey! Download the app today.

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