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Over the past few years, many families have been moving into the Aldershot community, changing the face of the neighbourhood from an aging population to one that is filled with kids and young couples. A calm, quiet, and rather a picturesque area in Burlington, Aldershot is the perfect place for those who simply want to feel relaxed, at home, and always at ease. Though the homes are deemed as old, many families have recently begun tearing down and renovated the properties, giving Aldershot the perfect mix of old and new. Here buyers can easily find large homes with tons of character, all featured on spacious and beautiful lots. It’s the perfect location to create memories with the family and enjoy a space that really is your own.

What to Love

Although located on the further end of Burlington, commuters are still at ease during their morning commute thanks to the Aldershot GO station, as well as the accessibility of many major highways in the area. With Hamilton as a close neighbour, residents are pleased to have the option of visiting some of the city’s trendy and tastiest restaurants, as well as their wide range of trails and conservation areas. If green, open spaces are something you enjoy then the Royal Botanical Gardens will surely be of interest. Here families and couples both young and old can be found strolling through the gardens and feeding some of the tiny birds, chipmunks, and other animals that call this place their home. Plus, one of the nicest parks in all of Burlington is located right in this gorgeous community. With lawn bowling, sports fields, nature trails, a splash pad and swans, families can easily keep their young ones, and even themselves, entertained.


The influx of families has resulted in a great deal of schools being added to the community. From elementary to high school, parents will surely be pleased with the schools that are located within Aldershot.

Glenview Public Elementary School

Maplehurst Public Elementary School

Kings Road Public Elementary School

Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School

Aldershot Public High School

Assumption Catholic Secondary School

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