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Looking to purchase a home in Longmoor, Burlington? We provide all clients with a neighbourhood market analysis in order to prepare the offer to purchase and negotiate the best possible terms to protect your best interests.


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A modest area, homes located within Longmoor tend to be of smaller sizes. Lots are narrower, though still quite private and the tree line tends to be filled with smaller trees. However, residents of this friendly and safe neighbourhood are happy and rather quite lucky to be residing in such a beautiful area. This neighbourhood’s home offering is comprised of mainly detached homes, but back and sidesplits, bungalows and even raised ranches are a plenty. With tons of quiet, traffic-free roads, residents can rest assured knowing that their family can go out and explore safely. If you have a family of your own, Longmoor may just be the place for you thanks to its added sense of security.

What to Love

Comprised mostly of families, Longmoor is a safe and friendly neighbourhood that is filled with tons of amenities and green spaces. The Nelson Skate Park, Little Goobers, and the Nelson Pool are just three of the many attractions that parents can go and enjoy with their young ones. Little Groobers, an indoor play place that is small and quite manageable, is wonderful for parents of younger kids. And don’t be fooled by Nelson Pool. This amenity is a beach-entry leisure pool that comes complete with a climbing wall and an interactive splash pad. Stores, shopping, Marilu’s Market, and parks are a plenty here. Plus, this community makes a wonderful option for parents who have to commute to Toronto, given the convenient access to highways and Appleby GO. It’s safe to say that this neighbourhood checks off many of the boxes for young and growing families alike!


A smaller neighbourhood, Longmoor offers 6 school options from elementary to secondary schooling. Parents can choose from either the public or Catholic school board here, finding a school that easily fits their needs.

Pauline Johnson Public Elementary School

John T Yuck Public Elementary School

Pineland Public Elementary School

St. Raphael Catholic Elementary School

Nelson Public High School

Assumption Catholic Secondary School

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