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The perfect community for anyone who loves waterfront strolls and beautiful ranch style bungalows. Shoreacres sits right in-between Roseland and Elizabeth Gardens, providing a gorgeous view of Lake Ontario. Named rather appropriately, residents are able to walk just about anywhere including along the shore of the lake. It’s extremely common to see families, young teens, and visitors from other parts of the city taking in the views or going for an early morning stroll. Though buyers are most likely to find large ranch-style bungalows that were built back in the 1950s here, there are also plenty of 2-storey homes that were more recently built within the neighbourhood. It’s also quite possible to find some tear down options within the neighbourhood, providing families and buyers with the perfect white canvas to create their dream home.

What to Love

Shoreacres provides its residents with large, spacious lot sizes, gorgeous homes, and a never-ending supply of natural beauty, making it understandable to see why it’s one of Burlington’s more expensive communities. Here, residents are blessed with a very walkable neighbourhood. This allows inhabitants to not only walk to their local grocery store or shopping plaza, but the ability to walk down paths, trails, and waterfront walkways that would make anyone stop, stare and be amazed by Lake Ontario’s beauty. This neighbourhood is also highly desired by families, given it hosts the top elementary school in the city, St. Raphael. Lastly, the homes within the community that can be found on the Lakeshore strip are truly a sight to see and provide wow-worthy holiday light displays around Christmas.


With Burlington’s top-rated school located in the neighbourhood, parents and family members can rest assured knowing that education is a priority and a highlight in Shoreacres.

John T Tuck Public Elementary School

Mohawk Gardens Public Elementary School

Pineland Public Elementary School

St. Raphael Catholic Elementary School

Nelson Public High School

Assumption Catholic Secondary School

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