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A central neighbourhood, residents who live in Tansley come from all stages of life. With bungalofts, low-rise condo apartments, and 2-storey detached brick home options available, this neighbourhood has become filled with families, seniors, those preparing for retirement, and young, first-time home buyers. The benefit of living in such a unique and central location is that everything is within close proximity. Grocery stores, cafes, pharmacies and delicious restaurants are not too far, making everything easily available to Tansley’s community. Though an exciting neighbourhood filled with shops and stores, Tansley does have open, secluded green spaces available, allowing residents the option to walk around, take in the outdoors and relax. One of the secluded wooded areas includes a picturesque creek with the Itabashi Bridge overtop, allowing for scenic walks all year round. Now doesn’t that sound homey?

What to Love

The wide range of resident’s ages presents a great deal of amenities and options for those who live within the Tansley community. From cafes to local shops, to grocery stores and pharmacies, everything that you need is all nearby. To make it even more convenient, the Tansley Woods Community Centre has been developed, providing so many services in one place. Here, everyone can enjoy a large pool, a water slide, party rooms for larger events, a well-kept library and an indoor play area for kids. Now if you’re one who loves the outdoors, well, Tansley also has you covered. With scenic walks through secluded wooded areas and picturesque views of small creeks, there are tons to see and enjoy. No matter your age or stage of life, Tansley will be a wonderful neighbourhood for it. It’s everyone’s to enjoy!


Parents can rest assured that their children will be getting a wonderful education at the many schools that Tansley has to offer. From public to Catholic, from elementary to secondary, children of all ages are well taken care of.

Dr. Charles Best Public Elementary School

Clarksdale Public Elementary School

Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School

MM Robinson Public Secondary School

Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School

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