Wedgewood Creek,Oakville

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Properties within the Wedgewood Creek neighbourhood range from homes built over 25 years ago, to newly developed, detached houses. A majority of the properties that make up Wedgewood Creek are single detached 2-storey homes, however, there are several freehold and condo townhomes available as well. A very friendly neighbourhood, residents that live here tend to be younger, with new families, and both parents earning an income.

What to Love

Wedgewood Creek has fully embraced being a child-centred community, offering many recreational and community centres within the area. Iroquois Ridge Community Centre and Library, just one of the centres available, serves residents with an indoor pool and water slide, tennis courts and skateboarding parks. Families can also spend their time enjoying the various outdoor parks and playgrounds that are within this community, in addition to the open green spaces, soccer fields and leash-free parks, for those who love the company of a furry friend. Two major shopping centres are also nearby, with major highways, and amenities all within convenient distances.


Wedgewood Creek is inclusive of 7 schools that are within the elementary and secondary school board, with both public and Catholic school offerings.

St. Andrew Elementary (JK – Grade 8)

St. Marguerite d’Youville Elementary (JK – Grade 8, inclusive of French Immersion for grades 5 through 8)

Post’s Corners Elementary (JK – Grade 8)

Sheridan Elementary (JK – Grade 5)

Falgarwood Elementary (Grades 6 – 8)

Holy Trinity Secondary (Grades 9 – 12, inclusive of French Immersion)

Iroquois Ridge Secondary (Grades 9 – 12, inclusive of French Immersion)‍

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